Your personal data and our promises to you

We completely recognize how important your personal data is and it is our responsibility to keep them safe and confidential. Whenever you use our website, we’ll be absolutely clear about the personal data we use, how we use it, and – most importantly – why we need it.

Personal data you give us

You may need to give us your personal data to use our services and book tickets – please refer to more details below: 

Personal data could be anything which may help identifying and contacting any individual. For example: 

·   Full Name.

·   Contact Number or Email address or Social media account.

·   NID/Passport/Birth Registration/License/Employee id/Student id (valid) number.   

·   Payment method details (like Credit/debit card or Internet/mobile banking).

·   Details of any relevant discount or loyalty cards you may use (if applicable).

Personal data you give us about others

You may be booking a ticket for other guests or doing a trip with other guests whose details we may also need in order for them to travel.

By entering someone else’s personal data, you confirm that you have their or parent/guardian’s (if the passenger is under 18) permission to share those data with us.

How we use your information

We use your information in a number of different ways — what we do depends on the information. This has been explained below in detail, showing what we do and why.

Name, email address, phone number

Your personal data may be used in the following ways:

Feedback: If you choose to give us feedback through our website, app or any other social media such as Facebook / messenger, we may use your ‘constructive’ feedback or relevant comments to identify any gaps in our service and address those issues where possible or take remedial actions for improved service performance.

Communicating with you: When you email us or use our chat option, we may use these info to communicate with you with processes or updates – for example- arranging refunds or resolving any ticketing issues.

Customer Service: If you call us, we will process your data so that our Customer Service and Operations team can fix any issues you’ve raised, as well as for training and quality purposes.

Marketing activities: We may send you our special offers or any product or service related promotions or communications through marketing emails, web push, inbox messages and push notifications in order to inform you about our great discounts, sales, offers and many more from Vromon.

Personal data tied to your journey details

We may require your personal data (including your name, email address, identity card number, phone number and journey details) to help arranging your travel.

·   To make sure you get your tickets.

·   To contact you with essential info – booking confirmations, disruption messaging, refund info, compensation info for journey delays and service message.

·   Keeping your account up to date (only if you choose to set one up).

·   The operator needs this info to create your tickets and may need to contact you if there is a service disruption.

Personal data we collect automatically

Whenever you use our website or app, we automatically collect certain information using cookies and device info.

Social login

By logging into your social media accounts like Facebook and Google, you drop cookies. These cookies can collect info about your IP address and the pages you visit.

·   IP address

·   Other potentially identifying data

You may choose if you would like to register with us either using Google or Facebook.

Note: We do not control Facebook or Google’s actions. If you choose to use your Google or Facebook account to log in with us, you will be subject to Google and Facebook’s privacy policies too. 

Third parties

We may share your personal data with the following types of third parties:

Travel operators (Launch, Coach/bus, and Hotel)

We work with travel operators who also need your data to create your tickets and provide services in relation to your journey as well as to deal with after-sales matters. Some travel operators may run your data through their own payment and e-ticket systems in order to issue your tickets or notify you of any travel-related news/ offer or issues. We may also share your personal data with travel operators to prevent and detect fraud against you or Vromon or the travel operator. We only share what is necessary to meet this purpose, and we will notify them that they must keep your personal data safe.

The authorities

We may be asked by certain authorities, such as the law enforcement agencies, to share your personal data. Generally, this is to help them preventing or investigating fraud or crime. When we provide this data to the authorities, it will be their responsibility to ensure your personal data are safe and secure with them too. We will only share your data that are legally necessary.