Cancel procedure:

If you would like to cancel your journey,  you must contact us at least 72 hours before departure time. No cancellation and refund will be made after this time. 

** Tickets cannot be changed or canceled on official Eid holidays or other special events.

For canceling online booking, you must contact us on our online helpline +880-1770707610, +880-1770707610

Refund process:

For online booking, you will get your refund in your payee account (MOBILE BANKING/CARD BANKING/INTERNET BANKING) from which the payment was made within the next 7-10 working days. 

Please note that we do not have any control over refund processing time between online payment gateways and banks. Therefore, once we have made the refund from our end, we will not have any control over further processing.  We have to follow what the payment gateway instructs us. 

It will be entirely your responsibility to check with your bank (as you are the customer of your bank) after 7-10 working days of the refund made from our end.